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PS4 4K 'NEO' to be released October 2016


The PlayStation 4.5, or Neo 4K, is yet to be officially announced or hinted at by Sony. However, speculations about the alleged PlayStation 4 (PS4) refresh only continue to spread, suggesting that the console is well on its way.

Reports suggest that the console will come in 2016, but it has since been rumored to come before the end of September 2016. As Christian Daily previously reported, the French distributor Innelec Multimedia accidentally revealed in a press release (shared by Boursier) that the PS Neo 4K will come during the first half of the company's fiscal year, which runs from April to September 2016.

The company later retracted the statement, but damage has already been done. Though a release date has not yet been pinned down by fans, the PS Neo 4K is expected to be announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event in June, if not launched.

AMD is also believed to have disclosed an upcoming PS Neo. According to VR World, the statement from one of the slides that reads, "New semi-custom business in 2H 2016," is referring to Sony.

The report has been picked up by Reddit user Flight714 who suggested that Sony didn't plan to upgrade the PS4 at all. However, with AMD's new 14 nanometer FinFET transistor (also referred to as "Fin Field Effect Transistor"), Sony had no choice but to incorporate it by producing an upgrade to the PS4.

Sony's PS4 currently uses the 28 nanometer planar transistor. While the company can make use of the FinFET transistors using the "die shrink" method, which was previously easily done, it will prove to be costly.

The user also suggested that to please new and old customers, Sony had to mandate that Neo-optimized games should also be able to run on the original PS4.

Current reports about the PlayStation Neo 4K state that Neo-optimized games can also be played on the current PS4, but with lower quality.

More information about the PlayStation Neo 4K is expected to be made available during the E3, which runs June 14 to 16.