HDMI Port Replacement

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PS4 HDMI Replacement.jpg

HDMI Port Replacement

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  • HDMI Port Replacement for PS4 Pro
  • Original part guarantee or your money back
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Is this the service I need?

If you PS4 Pro is not showing a picture on TV, with a solid light dots present on the power button and you have already tried using different HDMI cables and TV units. 

What causes broken HDMI ports?

Even though the failure rate on PS4 Pro HDMI units is not as common of an issue as the original PS4 consoles it can still happen if you switch TVs a frequently. Damage occurs from wear and tear and from users not being careful when inserting an HDMI cable in the console. In certain cases damage can also be caused by a fall with the HDMI cable plugged in the console or if you move the unit with the cables plugged in.